Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am a Fall Junkie...

I don't have kids going back-to-school, let alone TO SCHOOL, but I can't help but feel some excitement around what is my FAVorite time of year!

Although the temps are still a bit steep, I am pulling out the Fall scents, Fall recipes, and getting all things COZY ready for the upcoming season. This might be a case of listening to holiday music prior to Thanksgiving, but oh well. (I do confess, that on the way home yesterday, I was listening to Michael Buble and some of his Christmas songs came on. A sane person would have switched it, buuuuuut, I decided to just let them play.)

So, in honor of the back-to-school season with Fall itching to come any day now...I purchased my favorite candle from Anthropologie. I love this candle...I'm IN LOVE with this candle. It burns for 100 hours which is great since I have it burning all the time!

In addition to the candle, I have kicked off the season by whipping up some White Bean Turkey, what a mouth-full, literally!

I have been eating it for days and it is STILL d'lish!!

I got the recipe from and would highly recommend it...
if you like that sort of thing.

Last, but not least, I am setting some new resolutions to get this season started off right...I'm talking simple day-to-day things...being a new mama, some things have gone out the window as far as priorities, so I am getting myself BACK IN GEAR!! Better late than never, right?

For example:

Not gonna lie...sometimes I literally fall into bed wearing my workout pants, or whatever I was wearing that day...for someone who loves pajamas as much as THIS GIRL.
This is bad, really bad.
So, I have recommitted myself to a bedtime routine. I realize this may sound horrible to some (the lack of the routine), or just simply silly to others, but this is the tired mama I am these days, and happens. However, I am proud to report that so far,
I am on track with this one.

I have a ton more, but also want to keep it simple.
Baby steps, Josi, baby steps. More for next time...

So for now, happy back-to-school!!


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