Friday, March 16, 2012

Well, this is what has been keeping this mama busy...

I have OBVIOUSLY been a bit MIA lately...okay, a LOT MIA, but I have a great excuse.  Since my last post from Nina's little birthday extravaganza...I have made it through the holidays, had a baby, and well...I have been trying to catch up with life ever since.

This is our little Greta girl...she looks so teeny weeny in this picture.  She is going on three months now and is so much fun!  So...I am slowly but surely adjusting to being a mom of two babies under 2, 1 1/2 actually.  My girls are 13 months apart, and while it has posed some challenges, we wouldn't have it any other way!

I think one of my favorite things is the reaction when people see me out and about trying to manage both babies , my ginormous double RV (a.k.a stroller) and my overstuffed diaper  bag.  I am actually getting pretty good at it.  I just have to tell myself, that sweating all day with all of this heavy lifting is for my waistlines own good.  No seriously...for example...after chasing Nina around her music class to make sure she puts the wallet back from the lady's purse she just took it from, and getting Greta to stop crying while feeding her a bottle lodged between her mouth and my chin...I am just as worn out as those people coming out of Zumba in the room next door. of the things I am working on for my own creative/sanity outlet, is to start blogging again.  I am working on merging my two blogs into one and it will just be a place for me to share.  I am not going to worry about how many post I have, or if I miss a day, or what I am posting about...I will just write, show pictures, and ramble as I do.

Dodu baby is alive and well, but it is not getting the attention that it originally did.  Hopefully someday, when I can actually sit down and craft, it will.  I am still happy to make and create if people ask, but at least for going a bit slower so I can enjoy my girls!

I will post the info about the new merged blog soon, so that if you follow one of them, you can choose to jump ship or come along for the ride!



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