Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's on the Menu...

So this whole domestic goddess goal is actually going quite well. NO ONE is more surprised than ME, well...or maybe Jeff. I am thinking I will need to turn our already painted chalkboard wall in the kitchen into this lovely number I found on Pinterest. PROJECT!! (I was singing that in a very high and opera-like tone by the way)

So this is the weeks menu so far, in a glance...I am just using the pictures from either pinterest (links included) or from the websites I got the recipes since to actually make the food is challenging enough with a mobile 9 month old. Plus, not sure I have the proper camera to display all the goods - that is a hint Jeff. A BIG hint!!

Homemade Pizzas

Okay, so this is Jeff's specialty, so he pulled together the homemade wheat dough and then we topped with fresh basil from the garden, garlic, tomatoes, and cheese. YUMMY!
I will give Jeff the domestic goddess points on this one.

(image found here)

White Chocolate Chip, Cherry, & Almond Cookies

I was all set to make white chocolate & cranberry cookies this week, but then paid a nice visit to a friend in the city who just had a baby. She is, by far, one of the better domestic goddesses I know, and she makes these gems - white chocolate, cherry, and almond cookies. SO...I changed up the recipe and in honor of her and the new babe, whipped these babies (HA) up!
They are currently in the freezer and are even tastier frozen!!

(image found here)


Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Pesto Butter w/
a little Eggplant & Squash

I found this recipe while looking at a blog, then a blog, then a blog...we all know how it goes when you get sucked in, right? It was de'lish and really simple. Again, we pretty much had all of the items for the recipe and it was done in 45 min tops!! Oh, and the eggplant and squash were garden picks, so we decided to use them for our side dish.

Find the recipe here on tried & trues site
(image also from site)


Dressed up the LEFTOVERS
Turned Tuesday nights dinner into Chicken & Eggplant Parm

We are not good leftover people...sad, but true. But we decided we would take the plunge and do a leftover makeover. I used the chicken and veggies from Tuesday night, fit them all snug as a bug in a baking dish. Poured tomato sauce over the top and covered with a variety of cheese...whatever we had in the drawer. We of course couldn't use ALL of the cheese, since sir Karl (the dog) requires it to eat his dog food. I know it is ridiculous.
So, it went into the oven to just warm up and melt the cheese, and voila...dinner is served.
I might vote that the leftovers in makeover format were even better than the original.

Homemade cupcakes FROM SCRATCH!!!
While watching the oh so fabulous show Cupcake Wars, both Jeff and I got a craving for just that...a Cupcake. We didn't have a mix, but Jeff put me up to the challenge of making them from scratch. Say Wha?!? I don't do "from scratch!" However, I decided since we DID have all of the ingredients, I would take him up on his challenge and give it a whirl. Um, they were not so good. I post the picture to show just about the opposite of what MY cupcake looked like. This one will have to remain an inspiration photo until I master the "from scratch" cupcake baking.

(image found here)

So we are on to

and we have nothing planned yet....nor for tomorrow. Oh, and remember we cleaned out the fridge, so it has only some pineapple juice, some baby food, and I think there might be a few things of yogurt. Not looking promising.

Any suggestions?

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